The configuration of an APN applies exclusively to Digital Republic Flex SIM cards (network coverage via SWISSCOM or SIM ICCID starting with '894101')and must be configured on the device in order to connect to the Internet via the SIM card.

Please perform the APN configurations according to the manufacturer's instructions. If you have any difficulties regarding the APN-configuration, please don't hesistate to contact us +41 44 44 500 49 55.

The configuration settings for the Reolink Go camera can be found here.

Quick guide

  1. Download the attached file "my_custom_apn.txt" to the root directory of SD card.
    If you download the attached ZIP file, you must unzip the file first (unzip).
  2. Remove the battery of the camera, then install the SD card (leave in camera) and take back the battery, press the reset button with a needle to factory reset the camera.
    Note: Reset button must be pressed long enough.
  3. APN configuration successfully completed.