At this point, we unfortunately do not yet support all smartwatches with eSIM. Most smartwatches require a MultiSIM/MultiCard to work without smartphone support.

Apple Smartwatch

The Apple Watch is currently not yet supported. We are still in the testing phase. We expect the Apple Watch to be supported in 2023. Currently, only the following providers are supported for this in Switzerland: Apple Watch - eSIM provider

Samsung Smartwatch

The Samsung Watch is currently not yet fully supported. A MultiSIM/MultiCard would basically be a prerequisite for activation. Since we currently do not offer MultiSIM/MultiCard, the activation only works with a special workaround. 

You can do this as follows:

1. First go to the Galaxy Wearable app. 2.

2. Click on the three-point menu → About Samsung Wearable.

3. 5x click Samsung Wearable font → hidden menu will open.

4. Click Test eSIM FEATURES.

5. Finally, activate QR test mode and now the tariff can be added and activated without any problems.

Huawei Smartwatch

The Huawei Smartwatch is supported. 

You can proceed as follows:

1. Connect the smartwatch to your smartphone via the Health app.

2. Tap Devices, and then tap the name of your device. Then go to eSIM Management and select ACTIVATE NOW. Select the SIM card you want to activate via eSIM and tap CONTINUE. 

3. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate the service online or scan the QR code. 

4. The eSIM service is activated automatically after the account information is downloaded and configured for the first time. Do not perform any other actions on your smartwatch during activation.

Other smartwatches

We have not yet tested other brands. If you own a smartwatch from another brand with eSIM, you are welcome to contact us as a test user.