As an existing customer, you have two options to use Voice with your existing SIM card. First, if your Digital Republic data SIM card is active, you can activate the Voice option in the cockpit under "Manage subscription". From then on, you can make calls and send SMS using the phone number of your existing SIM card. In order to use the voice option, at least one data subscription must be active.

Secondly: you can add a new SIM card and activate the voice option on it. You can also add this new SIM card in the customer portal


You want to port your existing number from another provider?

You can find more information here: How can I take my existing phone number with me?

Please note that when you activate the voice option on your SIM card, depending on the previous package, your current data package will also be renewed automatically.

Here is an example: 

If you have a Flat 10 subscription for CHF 10 per month, which has already been running for 15 days, then as soon as you activate the Voice Option in your customer account, your Flat 10 data package will also be automatically renewed. 

The voice and the data option now both have a term of 30 days.

Of course, we will charge you pro rata. 

Specifically, in this case:

  1. Voice Option is added - CHF 10 will be charged immediately.
  2. Since Voice is added, your data package is also renewed - CHF 10 will be charged.  
  3. Since your previous data package was not completely used up, an amount per rata will be deducted - CHF 5 (because there are still 15 days left) will be credited to you 
  4. 10 + 10 -5 = 15 

The exact composition of the charge and how it comes about, you will find in each case in the last step before you complete your order.