Digital Republic is a fully independent mobile provider operating on the Sunrise network infrastructure. 


Below you will find an explanation of all products and options offered by Digital Republic. 


The basic subscription is always our unlimited data packages. 


Here, when you order SIM cards on our website, you have the choice between three subscription speeds. 

All our data subscriptions have unlimited data volume, you pay for the maximum speed you get depending on the subscription.


  • Flat 0.4 
  • Flat 10
  • Flat 300


Which subscription speed suits you best is explained in this article


When you order your SIM card via our website, you have to choose between Flat 4, Flat 10 and Flat 300. 

In return, you get 30 days free for your first SIM card to test our offer. On all SIM cards that you order on our website, the voice option is included for the first 30 days. However, the voice option does not necessarily has to be activated. 

Once you have activated your SIM card in our customer portal, you will be able to make the following adjustments to your subscription. 



Of course you can also take your existing phone number with you: 

How can I take my existing phone number with me?


You can find out exactly how to manage your subscription in the customer portal here:

How can I manage, deactivate or pause my subscription in the cockpit?