Connectivity via IPv4/IPv6, DynDNS or VPN

Modified on Thu, 08 Jun 2023 at 07:26 AM

An architecture is recommended in which the device in which the SIM card is installed establishes a connection to a server and transmits data to it. Making devices accessible via the free Internet poses security risks such as botnets and enables attacks.

Unfortunately, as an MVNO, we cannot offer IPv6 services.

Therefore, we do not offer static or public IP addresses for our SIM cards. All our SIM cards have a dynamic and private IP address. However, we work with a partner who offers you a simple plug-and-play solution with small routers that generate a static IPv6 network.

However, this comes with additional costs. 

You can reach our partner at

He also offers complete packages together with the routers and our SIM cards.

DynDNS: This is technically possible, but not recommended for security reasons. Unfortunately, we can't offer technical support and advice here.

VPN (Device to Server): A VPN connection can be set up with some router manufacturers. The security is adequate if the setup is correct. Since the setup is highly dependent on device manufacturer and software, we unfortunately cannot offer technical support.

With the Port scanner, you can check if this forwarding works correctly:

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