The configuration of an APN applies exclusively to Digital Republic Flat SIM cards (network coverage via SUNRISE or SIM ICCID starting with '894102')and must be configured on the device in order to connect to the Internet via the SIM card.

Please note that the APN configuration differs depending on the manufacturer and operating system.

You can find detailed instructions for the most common devices here: under "Setting up Internet".

The configuration settings are mostly similar on Android devices:


  1. Settings
  2. Network & Internet
  3. Mobile network
  4. Additional Settings
  5. Access Points (APNs)
  6. New APN (+)
  7. Edit access point
  •         Country: Switzerland
  •         Network operator: Other
  •         APN Name: internet
  •         APN: internet
  •         Username: (empty)
  •         Password: (empty)
  •         Authentication type: PAP
  •         APN type: default 
  •         PDP: IPV4
  •         PDP roaming: IPV4