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Modified on Fri, 23 Dec 2022 at 08:54 AM

Why do I need an API? 

Our API can be used by business customers to integrate our services directly into their processes and systems. Be it during product manufacturing or as a bundle with other services. 

SIM cards can be activated via the API and subscriptions can be managed in the same way as the customer portal.

Which requirements do I need to use the API?

The API is only available to business customers. Your account must be switched to the invoice payment method. The API service is free of charge. Please contact us if you are interested in our API access. 

From a monthly invoice of CHF 40, business customers can pay on account, provided an internal credit check has been completed.

However, the invoice payment option is available for educational institutions and public corporations without any prerequisites.

Which commands can be controlled by an API?

  • You can display a list of active SIM cards
  • You can display all information for a single SIM card (ICCID is used as reference)
  • You can rename the alias of a SIM card 
  • You can activate a new SIM and add it to your account
  • You can display your current subscriptions 
  • You can customize the subscription for each SIM card and manage the subscription (deactivate, activate and speed adjustments are possible)

You can find more information here: API - Portal


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