Thanks to the Digital Republic Voice Option, you can now also make outgoing calls and send SMS with our SIM cards - unlimited to all Swiss networks. If you simply don't want to go without classic telephony, the Voice Option offers you the perfect complement to your data subscription.

If it's not enough for you to just surf with Digital Republic and you also want to make phone calls and send SMS, the Voice Option is just right for you. You can activate Voice as a supplement to your data plan for CHF 10 for 30 days or for CHF 110 for 365 days and use unlimited telephony and SMS throughout Switzerland.

The prerequisite for the Voice option is an active data subscription on your physical SIM card or your eSIM. 

The handling is as flexible as the management of a Digital Republic data subscription. You neither pay an activation fee nor are you bound to minimum contract periods. For example, if you don't need to make calls for a month and only need data, you can pause the option. 

Learn here how to activate Voice as a new customer.

Learn here how to activate Voice as an existing customer