How do I activate roaming calls and SMS?

Modified on Wed, 15 May 2024 at 03:27 PM

In this article we explain how to activate roaming calls with your Digital Republic SIM card. Please note that such services are not included in the voice option or Flat Mobile and are therefore chargeable. This is also the reason these services are disabled from the beginning.

Here you will find a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Access to the customer portal:

Step 2: Select the SIM card concerned:

  • As soon as you have logged into your customer portal, you will see the overview of your SIM cards / devices. Click on "manage" on the SIM card / device concerned:

Step 3: Adjust the voice settings:

  • Now you can switch to the "Voice settings" and then click on "change":


Step 4: "Roaming, international calls and SMS":

  • As soon as you have clicked on "change", you will have the possibility to adjust the desired setting. To do this, move the slider to the desired setting and then click on " confirm ":


That is all. After that, the settings are applied, and we recommend that you restart your device after about 5 minutes so that these settings take effect. 

If this setting is greyed out for you, visit the following article: 
Requirements for voice roaming and value-added services

If you want to receive SMS abroad, you can only activate this if you have an active voice option. Unfortunately, it is not the same abroad as in Switzerland, as you can only receive SMS abroad if you have an active voice option or Flat Mobile and the voice setting "Roaming, international calls and SMS" is switched on. 

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