Unfortunately, roaming is often relatively expensive. That's why we try to protect you as much as possible from unwanted costs. You're roaming settings for calls/SMS are therefore deactivated by default and must be activated manually. You can find the costs for roaming on our tariff list. Tariff list

Follow these tips to save costs: 

  • Use internet services (VoIP) like WhatsApp Calling, Skype, Threema, etc. to make phone calls. (Note: Wi-Fi calling is not part of VoIP and will be charged at the normal call rate).
  • Always connect to a local WLAN if possible. Most locations like hotels, restaurants, airports and many more are equipped with WLAN connectivity. Then deactivate the mobile data/roaming data.
  • If possible, disable the auto start of apps. Many apps already play videos or animations while scrolling - for example Netflix, YouTube or Instagram. 
  • Deactivate the automatic background updates for apps and software updates in the settings.
  • Deactivate voicemail when abroad: How do I activate/deactivate voicemail?