Roaming does not work on my device

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In order to use roaming properly, certain requirements must be met.


  • A purchased roaming data package How can I book roaming data packages?
  • A device that supports roaming.
  • Data roaming must be enabled in the device's settings.
  • Mobile data must be enabled in the device's settings.

Roaming does not work on my router/camera

With certain router models, the roaming data package is sometimes not activated automatically.

First, try the following:

  • Take the SIM card out of your router and insert it into a smartphone.
  • Make sure that you have enabled data roaming and mobile data on your smartphone.
  • Once you get a connection, you can put the SIM card back into the router.

Roaming does not work on my smartphone/tablet

With some smartphones, roaming does not work right from the start.

First, try the following:

  • Turn your device completely off and on again.
  • If that does not help, turn it off again and remove the SIM card for a few minutes if possible. Then insert it again and turn the device on again. If you have an eSIM, we recommend that you briefly switch the eSIM off and on again via the settings (do not remove the eSIM plan!).
  • This process may correct small errors in the cache, so that your device can now dial into the foreign network by restarting.

If these steps do not lead to success, you can continue with the "Further steps".

Further steps:
APN settings:Select foreign provider manually
Check the APN settings on your device.

Select the foreign network provider manually.

(This concerns our Sunrise Flat SIM cards)

  •         Country: Switzerland
  •         Network operator: Other
  •         APN Name: internet
  •         APN: internet
  •         Username: (empty)
  •         Password: (empty)
  •         Authentication type: PAP
  •         APN type: default 
  •         PDP: IPV4

Android: Settings: Mobile networks: Network operators: Disable "Automatically select": manually select a network operator.

iPhone: Settings: Mobile network: Network selection: deactivate "Automatic": manually select a network operator.

Router: Settings: Network: Network operator: Deactivate "Select automatically": Select a network operator manually.

Next steps:

  • Change the network mode from 4G to 3G or alternatively from 5G to 4G.
  • Disable the mobile data/roaming settings in your device and re-enable them afterwards.
  • If possible, try inserting the SIM card into your travel partner's device/smartphone to make sure it's not your device/smartphone.
  • If you have a DUAL SIM smartphone, try inserting our SIM card into the other slot, as DUAL SIM devices do not always have both slots roaming enabled.
  • Check if our SIM card is active for mobile data usage in the settings. (DUAL SIM devices allow you to set which SIM card should be active for mobile data usage, in this case our SIM card should be the primary one for mobile data and data roaming must also be active. Alternatively, you can deactivate/remove the other SIM card to check if it works now).

If these steps do not lead to success, please open a ticket in our support portal with the following information:

  • In which country are you located?
  • With which device do you use the SIM card?
  • Have you ever been able to connect to a provider? If yes, which one?

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