What is an eSIM?

Modified on Thu, 23 Feb 2023 at 04:04 PM

Perhaps you have already come across the term "eSIM" and wondered what an eSIM actually is. A further development of the classic SIM card, the eSIM is a chip permanently installed by the device manufacturer. An eSIM is an innovative technology that allows users to operate their cell phones without a physical SIM card. 

Basically, it is a virtual SIM card that is integrated directly into the device and can then be activated via the mobile network provider's network. This means the user no longer has to go to a store or request a new SIM card, but can conveniently activate the cell phone via an app or website.

Five pros of eSIM over a classic SIM:

  • Easier, more flexible, faster

  • Easier to switch networks

  • Temporarily switching to another networks - quite flexible

  • Using more than one SIM card

  • Liked by the environmentally conscious

Learn more about eSIM: What You Should Know About the eSIM for Your Smartphone

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