How do I order a trial subscription?

Modified on Fri, 22 Sep 2023 at 03:28 PM

Not convinced yet? When you order our eSIM/SIM card for the first time, you get 30 days free to test our offer. You can choose between a physical SIM card or an eSIM. The following tariffs are available:

(All rates are selectable with or without voice option at activation)

Physical SIM card (test tariffs):

  • Flat 0.4
  • Flat 10 
  • Flat 300

You can order a trial SIM card using the link below: Order free SIM card

eSIM (test tariffs):

  • Flat 0.4
  • Flat 1
  • Flat 10 
  • Flat 50
  • Flat 300
  • Flat 2000

You can order a test eSIM via the following link: Order free eSIM

Requirements to get a trial month:


For annual plans of physical SIM cards and eSIMs, 1 month is included in the price. So you get a price reduction of one month, but it is not a trial period, after which you can cancel the subscription. (Pay for 11 months, get 12 months runtime)

Once you have activated your plan in our customer portal, you can make further adjustments to your subscription. Then you also have the option to upgrade to another plan. Please note that such an upgrade is subject to a fee. The remaining days of the trial month will be deducted from the new upgrade as a pro rata credit. Please note that you can only benefit from the free trial once. You can choose between 30 days free eSIM or physical SIM card.

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