Why do I not reach the specified Internet speed?

Modified on Thu, 08 Jun 2023 at 08:07 AM

In general, the indicated transmission speeds describe the best possible performance and cannot be guaranteed by Digital Republic. The actual internet speed depends on various factors, such as the distance and quality to the nearest local telephone exchange, which Digital Republic cannot influence.

With a wireless connection, a constant, steady speed is almost impossible.

In addition, there are many interfering factors that can affect the connection at any given time. The biggest problem with a radio connection is simply the distance. Already a few meters after radiation from the antenna, the field strength of the radiated wave decreases drastically. 

The most common interference factors include:

Overloading of the cellular antenna:

A weighty secondary problem is the fact that all users in a cell have to share the capacity of this air interface, which means that overloads can occur very quickly. This is also referred to as "shared medium". Especially at "rush hours" around 12:00/20:00, severe cuts can therefore sometimes be observed even under perfect reception conditions.

Weather conditions:

Inversion weather conditions (fog), heavy snowfall or rain, hinder the propagation of radio waves, sometimes considerably. The same applies to obstacles between the imaginary line of sight from the transmitter to the receiver (i.e. you). The ideal is a level line of sight, which unfortunately will only be the case in the rarest of cases. Common obstacles are forests, hills or high buildings, such as churches.

Isolated building/movements within the building:

Aside from attenuating the signal as it enters the building, radio waves also continue to absorb and reflect each time they encounter another obstacle in the room. These fluctuations can be particularly strong if the interference pattern, which is formed in the room, changes. For example, by modification of the objects or persons in the room (movement). This "disturbance" then causes a permanent change of the fields. For example, opening a door or crossing the room can be such a disturbance.

In the event of failures and disruptions, Digital Republic will make reasonable efforts within its sphere of influence, using the resources available to it, to provide the service or remedy the disruption, without, however, giving any assurance ("Best Effort"). Digital Republic's liability and the Customer's warranty claims are excluded to the extent permitted by law.

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