The speed of your subscription depends on various factors.

That means that if you only reach 4mbit/s with a Flat 10 subscription, an upgrade to the Flat 50 subscription will not result in a faster connection.

If your location, the number of people on the network or the position of your device limits the speed to 4mbit/s, you can't get a faster connection even if you have a maximum speed of 50mbit/s. Because it is not the subscription limitation that prevents a faster connection, but the various influences of the environment or the capacity of the antennas in the vicinity. See:

However, if you can reach a maximum of 10mbit/s with a Flat 10 subscription, you can upgrade to a Flat 50 subscription to achieve faster speeds. The capacity of your connection would be higher in this case, but we limit the speed to 10mbit/s because your Flat 10 subscription allows a maximum of 10mbit/s. When you upgrade your connection will be limited to 50mbit/s. So you can now reach a speed of over 10mbit/s. 

An upgrade to a higher subscription is therefore only worthwhile if the environmental factors allow a higher speed. The best way to measure your current speed is here: Then you can estimate to what extent an upgrade is worthwhile. 

Please make sure that you have used the SIM card in a smartphone for the speed test and that you are doing the test outdoors.

We are aware that the speed can vary, for your reason, we also offer our customers to adjust the subscription monthly.