What does an upgrade or downgrade of my subscription do?

Modified on Wed, 15 Feb 2023 at 11:43 AM

The speed of your subscription depends on various factors. 

This means that if you only reach 4 Mbit/s with a Flat 10 subscription, upgrading to the Flat 50 subscription will not result in a faster connection. Because if your location, the number of people in the network or the position of your device limit the speed to 4 Mbit/s, you will not be able to achieve a higher speed even if you upgrade to a maximum of 50 Mbit/s. Not because a faster connection is not possible due to the limitation of the subscription, but due to various influences of the environment or the capacity of the antennas in the area. See: Why do I not reach the specified Internet speed?

Upgrade Explanation:

Below, we explain to you how an upgrade/downgrade works.

Subscription Upgrade:

A subscription upgrade to a higher speed package is always instant. When you upgrade, your SIM card will be immediately activated for the faster data package, provided that the upgrade is made for the same period. Upgrading from a yearly package to a monthly package will be done only after the yearly package expires, the upgrade will be charged "pro rata", we will deduct the remaining credit of your already booked data package from the new data package. If you activate a voice package on your SIM card, your data subscription will be automatically extended by 30 / 365 days, so that your data subscription and your voice option have the same duration. Your Voice Option will not work without an active data subscription.


For example: 

  • The current data package is a Flat 10 monthly package, the upgrade Flat 50 is a monthly package.
    → The upgrade is performed directly.

  • The current data package is a Flat 10 yearly package, and you make an adjustment to a Flat 50 monthly package.
    → The upgrade will be activated only after the annual package expires, because no annual package has been activated.

Subscription downgrade:

A subscription downgrade to a lower speed package is only possible after the expiration of your selected data package, which runs for 30 days or 365 days. This means that the lower data package is not immediately booked on your SIM card, but this only happens after the remaining term of your current data package has expired.

For example:

  • The current data package is a flat 50 month/year package, the downgrade is a flat 10 month/year package. 
    → The downgrade will only be performed after the Flat 50 monthly package has expired. 
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