How can I cancel/terminate my subscription?

Modified on Thu, 15 Dec, 2022 at 4:13 PM

Find out how to cancel or terminate your subscription here.

Stop subscription:
You can stop your subscription at any time at the end of the package term. Active SIM cards/eSIMs will automatically expire after the remaining days that you have already paid for are used up. After that, the SIM card will be set inactive. After 12 months without an active data package, the subscription will be automatically cancelled by our system. To do this, simply deactivate the automatic renewal:

How does the automatic renewal work? (Activation/Deactivation)

Cancel subscription:

Do you want your subscription to be cancelled directly? Then contact us via the contact form below (Submit Ticket) or call our customer service so that we can cancel your subscription directly. Please note that your phone number may not be canceled if you want to transfer it to a new provider. Please contact your new provider so that they can initiate the cancellation and number transfer with us.

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