Please check first if you have an eSIM capable device. You can find the list of devices here:

A change to the eSIM only works with our Flat Subscription. Currently we do not offer eSIM for Flex SIM cards.

If you already have a Digital Republic account and would like to have an eSIM instead of a classic SIM card, you can perform an eSIM Change through your Cockpit.


The subscription must be active. This means that a follow-up package must be selected via "Manage subscription". You can find out exactly how to manage your subscription here:  How do I see the exact cost when I manage my subscription?


The following function is temporarily deactivated and will be reactivated in the future.

Please contact our support directly to switch to eSIM.

Quick Guide:

  1. Login to your Cockpit
  2. Select the SIM card you want to change into an eSIM
  3. Activate the subscription for the SIM, (Follow Up Package must be selected, see: How can I book a data package?)
  4. Select the configuration icon on the top right (gear sign)
  5. Select "Switch to eSIM" 
  6. Proceed to confirm your selection by clicking on the "Switch to eSIM" button.
  7. Wait a moment while your eSIM profile will be created.
  8. Once your eSIM profile is set up, a QR Code will be shown on your screen
  9. Scan the QR code with a corresponding scan app on your device

We have additionally mailed you the QR code in case you want to activate your eSIM at a later date. Remember that the activation period is limited to 24 hours.