You have the option to pause your subscription and the packages that run in a 30-day rhythm at any time and to reactivate them if necessary. How to get to your customer portal: How do I get to my customer portal?

In the video we show you how to manage your subscription:

This is how you can manage your subscription:

You can adjust your subscription in the cockpit under "Manage subscription" at any time. 

A subscription upgrade to a higher speed package is always possible immediately. When you upgrade, your SIM card is immediately activated for the faster package. The upgrade will be charged pro rata, the remaining credit of your already booked package will be credited to you.

A subscription downgrade to a lower speed package is only possible after the expiration of your selected package, which runs for 30 days. This means that the lower package will not be booked on your SIM card immediately, but only after the remaining term of your current package has expired. However, you can set your downgrade customization in advance, and the change will be saved and executed after the package expires.

You can find out how to use our Voice Option here: How can I use the Voice Option as an existing customer?

This way you can pause your subscription:  

As soon as you set your subscription in the cockpit under "Manage Subscription" to "off", your subscription will no longer renew itself automatically after the current package expires. The connection will therefore remain active for the remaining days of the package and will not be interrupted immediately. However, no new package will be booked automatically after that. You can now leave the SIM card inactive for up to a few months, for example, and reactivate it at any time if required.

How to cancel your subscription: 

You don't have to cancel your subscription explicitly, because our offer runs on a prepaid basis. As soon as you set your subscription to "off" in the cockpit under "Manage Subscription", your subscription will not be renewed automatically after the expiration of your current package. If you set your subscription to "off", your SIM card will not be inactive immediately, for the remaining term the SIM card can still be used without restrictions. If you want to delete your account permanently, please contact our support here.

In the video we show you how to manage your subscription.

Manage your subscription in 4 simple steps:

1. Login to

2. Navigate to the Subscription section:

3. Select the Subscription inactive option:

4. Confirm your choice: