If you would like to keep your own phone number, you can of course bring it with you to us.

You can also order your SIM card even if your old subscription with your previous provider is still running. 

Once the SIM card arrives at your home, you can activate it in the customer portal and then indicate at the end of step 1 that you want to activate the voice option. The voice option is required for porting. 

Now you can continue as follows:

If you have a subscription with a specific contract term with your previous provider, there are two possible scenarios: 

  1. Your subscription with the existing provider has expired. Then you can activate the SIM card immediately and if you activate the voice option at the end of step one, you can start the transfer in the next steps.  In this case we can apply for your number porting immediately. How fast this happens depends on your old provider.
  2. Your subscription with your existing provider is still running and you want to port your number. Here you have two options when activating your SIM card. During the activation you can specify which of these two options you want. 
    1. You wait until your minimum contract period has expired and your phone number will be ported after the expiration of your contract. 
    2. You would like to port your number immediately to start your new subscription with Digital Republic. In this case, we will arrange with your previous provider for an early termination and thus for the porting of your number. Please note that there may be a charge from your previous provider. Note: How much does it cost to switch to Digital Republic?