What is Mobile-ID & do we support it?

Modified on Wed, 13 Sep 2023 at 02:06 PM

Mobile ID is an authentication system used in some countries to identify yourself online or in digital services. It allows users to authenticate with their cell phone and mobile number instead of using traditional usernames and passwords. The mobile ID system is based on linking the cell phone number with a digital ID issued by a trusted provider. The user must first install a special app or service on their cell phone to use the Mobile ID feature.

When using Mobile ID, the user is prompted to enter his mobile number when making an online transaction or accessing a digital service. Subsequently, the user receives an SMS message or a notification on his cell phone, which he must confirm. This confirmation verifies the user's identity and grants access. Mobile ID provides a convenient and secure way to authenticate in digital environments because it is based on the use of a physical device (cell phone) and the user's cell phone number. It reduces the risk of identity theft and fraudulent activities associated with stolen usernames and passwords.

Do we support Mobile ID?

Our eSIMs are Mobile ID enabled. If the eSIM does not initially work for the Mobile ID service, I recommend that you set it up via the app. Unfortunately, the Triple SIM (physical SIM) is not Mobile ID enabled.

You can download Mobile ID from the App Store/Play store:

Play store: Download App

Apple Store: Download app


1. After downloading, open the app.

2. Click on Create account and enter your phone number. 

3. Copy and paste the code you receive via SMS and click continue. 

4. keep the security code in a safe place.

You can use your device password (PIN), facial recognition (e.g. Face ID) or fingerprint (e.g. Touch ID) for authentication. Note, however, that the app is still under development and more providers will follow in the future. Since Mobil-ID is a service of Swisscom, we ask you to contact Mobil-ID directly in case of difficulties: Contact form

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