What are value-added services?

Modified on Thu, 08 Jun 2023 at 08:21 AM

Value-added services generally describe services that extend our basic connection service. For example, our additional services allow you to make international calls from Switzerland or abroad. Value-added services also include special numbers or SMS services that are used by a company as a service or support hotline.

What value-added services are available and how do I activate/deactivate them?

In general, the prices for value-added services are set by the respective service provider. Since these prices are usually quite high, your cost limit per SIM card is set to CHF 100 by default. As soon as your limit is reached, we will inform you by SMS and e-mail and block all value-added services. Please note that this is a soft cost limit. Time lags in the billing system, e.g. for roaming costs, can lead to the actual billing amount being higher than your set cost limit. 

Please contact our support, if you wish to configure an individual cost limit.


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