The voicemail is your answering assistant and intervenes as soon as you cannot be reached. How to activate the voicemail (only works if the voice option is active). 

Log in to your Cockpit and go to SIM Details. Under Voice - Settings you can activate the voicemail:

Quick settings via shortcuts on the mobile phone:

Activate voicemail: *145# Call key

Switch off voicemail: #145# Call key

Voicemail settings:

Call voicemail on 076 333 33 33 and press 9 to enter the menu. Here you have the following options:

Change greeting text (key 1)

Mailbox password (key 4)

Voice mail language (key 5)

Caller information (key 6)

Call the voicemail on 076 333 33 33 and press the 0 key to enter the help. Now follow the instructions.

Good to know:

When abroad, the voicemail can become an unexpected cost trap, so we recommend that you deactivate the voicemail completely while abroad.